Scientific Drilling: The Ultimate Wellbore Placement Experts

Scientific Drilling: The Ultimate Wellbore Placement Experts

Phil Longorio, President & CEO, Scientific DrillingPhil Longorio, President & CEO
With the increasing demand for energy, development of new oilfields is expected to be a key factor driving the market growth. Oil and gas companies set aggressive production targets to woo investors, which can only be achieved through advanced technology and expertise. According to Gartner, by 2020 more than 50 percent of wellbore drilling activities on electric rigs will be controlled primarily by algorithms and secondarily by human expertise. While most operators are focused on increasing speed and lowering drilling costs, the lack of technical expertise in implementing the right technology has been prohibitive for oil and gas producers, miners, and geothermal companies to plumb depths for new reserves. Governed by a mission to confront this challenge, Houston-based Scientific Drilling is setting a new paradigm in wellbore placement tools and technologies with its advanced solutions and in-depth industrial expertise. “Scientific Drilling designs, develops, manufactures, and operates a comprehensive suite of wellbore placement tools and technologies, primarily related to the directional drilling and gyro survey,” says Phil Longorio, President and CEO, Scientific Drilling.

Scientific Drilling’s technology portfolio includes drilling motors, measurement while drilling (MWD), logging while drilling (LWD), a rotary steerable system (RSS), gyro survey, magnetic ranging, and cased-hole solutions. Scientific Drilling builds all these new systems in-house and controls manufacturing and repair costs, as opposed to competitors who either developed or purchased these technologies for higher costs. The company’s breadth of technologies provides BHA configurations that are tailored to the customer’s applications. Scientific Drilling’s portfolio includes HALO, a fully integrated rotary steerable tool for extended reach drilling, Lodestone, Magnetic Ranging tool for precise wellbore placement, and TumbleGyro to allow accurate gyroMWD surveys to 120°inclination.

With more than 90 dedicated scientists, engineers, and technicians located at its R&D centers in California, Texas, Germany, and Canada, the company primarily focuses on research and development to develop and commercialize revolutionary drilling technologies.

Scientific Drilling designs, develops, manufactures, and operates a comprehensive suite of wellbore placement tools and technologies, primarily related to the directional drilling and gyro survey

Furthermore, Scientific Drilling’s extensive technology portfolio is protected by more than 150 issued and pending patents in the US and internationally.

With 44 global locations and operations in 26 countries, Scientific Drilling provides its diverse, blue-chip customer base with technologies and services for some of the most complex, conventional, and unconventional onshore oil and gas wells in the world. Longorio states that the market is witnessing an increase in lateral lengths and complexity of completions. Besides focusing on drilling automation and achieving a better understanding of production zones, the market is also banking on pad drilling that requires precise spacing between wells to optimize production and coverage of the reservoir. In line with these trends, Scientific Drilling continues to invest in new technology developments— rotary steerable systems for delivering longer laterals, magnetic ranging for precise well spacing, and a new suite of LWD tools for unconventional reservoir evaluation—to meet the demands of the changing marketplace. While explaining the value proposition of Scientific Drilling for oil and gas well drilling, Longorio also recalls an instance when their team assisted a customer to drill a 1.9 km borehole for a pipeline to connect two oil and gas processing plants without ground disturbance and water contamination. Scientific Drilling developed its PunchOut Wireless HDD Navigation system as a completely wireless directional drilling assembly that allows for precise subsurface location and steering of the assembly at depths of up to 150 meters—an industry first for this nontraditional need. By using the PunchOut system the customer was able to drill an accurate wellbore with minimal surface footprint, reduced survey times, while eliminating the need for multiple runs to increase hole size.

As a complete directional drilling and wellbore positioning solutions provider, Scientific Drilling seeks to capture the full range of wellbore revenue opportunities by converting single-technology users into multi-technology users. “Our core vision is to become the ultimate partner in wellbore placement and productivity around the world,” concludes Longorio.

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Scientific Drilling


Phil Longorio, President & CEO

A leading provider in the global wellbore navigation services market as well as the US directional services market