Top 10 Onshore and Offshore Technology Consulting/Services Companies - 2019
Gyrodata: A Holistic Approach to Smarter, More Dynamic Directional Drilling

Top 10 Onshore and Offshore Technology Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

The leaders in the energy sector opt to maximize operational efficiency and control costs by outsourcing strategic engineering services. However, the companies lack in fully trained crews, process expertise, infrastructure and systems, and innovative tools. Most energy companies invest only in infrastructure and systems, and the human resource aspect remains unnoticed. For successful management of these companies, HRs must develop policies and practices that are highly flexible to adapt to the local government labor codes and recognize cultural and stylistic differences. This recognition can improve communications, productivity, quality and integration with the entire corporate organization.

The common problem faced by the energy companies is the miscommunication between the fresh graduates and the superiors. The new joinees do not connect or get proper guidance and grooming from the seniors due to the gap between them (of age, level), which hampers the development of a strong bond. Moreover, companies who outsource projects as part of an offshore plan need to anticipate the challenges that come with deploying teams across the world: lack of project control, communication gaps between onshore and offshore groups, misunderstood processes, higher coordination costs, mismatched workflows, and mistakes in work transfer. As different countries deal with political issues about the growing onshore and offshore companies, the regulatory and legal issues are also essential to focus on. The management needs to support relationships with both onshore and offshore operations and assure that objectives, contracts, delivery models and measurement are well integrated and aligned. Most importantly, the organizations must recognize the differences between onshore and offshore human resources to achieve business and operational goals, customer satisfaction, and cost benefit.

Further, the onshore and offshore companies need innovative tools that provide drillers and operators with real-time information while drilling, well boring, and wireline services, among others. To determine the root cause for the decrease/cease in production, these companies also need efficient surveying tools that help operators achieve extremely accurate outcomes and maximized production. The information or data collection is possible with experts who can gather, consolidate and analyze critical data and then offer recommendations to avoid potential hazards, and proper equipment for precise and accurate survey data that helps in making informed operational decisions for maximum production. The energy sector can effectively execute all their operations with productive support from the well-planning and drilling optimization professionals who deliver 24/7 real-time monitoring services to aid operators in making well-informed decisions regarding their operations. As a whole, this sector requires one-stop-shop services that can provide complete information on one run, rather than multiple runs from different service providers. Thus, the highly competitive energy market thrives on experienced service providers to reduce costs while improving safety.

To help CIOs navigate through the list of onshore and offshore technology consulting/service providers, our distinguished selection panel, comprising CEOs, CIOs and VCs, industry analysts and the editorial board of Energy CIO Insights narrowed the top 10 Onshore and Offshore Technology Consulting/Service Providers 2019 that exhibit competence in delivering robust solutions and services. 

We present to you Energy CIO Insights’s “Top 10 Onshore and Offshore Technology Consulting/Services Companies―2019.”

    Top Onshore and Offshore Technology Consulting/Services Companies

  • Driven by a credential team of engineers, superintendents, and well-site supervisors, Crescent adds value to the portfolio of companies with offshore and onshore operations by providing engineering and project management services. With a strong belief that the most valuable asset is their team, Crescent provides a reputable professional service with a multi-faceted approach to the challenges. The services, primarily being engineering, production, and project management, also entails deploying resources like rig clerks, well-site supervisors, and safety professionals. The company also provides coil tubing, small tubing, and snubbing workover services

  • 40 years ago, Gyrodata developed gyro sensors that could precisely measure true north, which became a game-changer for the industry. In terms of inclination, azimuth and tool face, the Gyrodata technology created decades ago has been the leading directional drilling solution when it comes to the accuracy of measurements. Today, they have emerged as a leader in the drilling services market with our suite of drilling, logging, and high-precision wellbore placement technologies. Gyrodata is equipped with efficient and innovative gyro surveying tools and technologies that help operators achieve an extremely accurate wellbore location so costly collisions can be avoided and production can be maximized

  • TGS


    Experienced in the field for almost 36 years, TGS offers its services by providing multi-client seismic data like 3D, narrow azimuth, wide azimuth, OBC and long offset 2D. It also supports a diverse portfolio of onshore projects across North and Latin America, including Canada, US and Mexico. Additionally, TGS offers advanced processing and imaging services, interpretation products and data integration solutions. TGS has been working with high organizational goals of providing onshore and offshore businesses with state-of-the-art services using advanced technologies. Being the largest provider of subsurface data, TGS empowers its customers with insights for making informed drilling decisions

  • Ikon Science

    Ikon Science

    Ikon Science is a leading Quantitave Exploration and Development company that pioneers in the use of rock physics as a tool to improve the reliability of predictions of reservoir obtained through seismic and geological information. The primary software offerings of the company include RokDoc, a tool to predict the subsurface, and iPoint, a data management tool also used for visualization of subsurface wellbore data. Services like rapid appraisal, robust production modeling, reduced well count, and upgraded forecasting can be used by customers for a comprehensive benefit

  • Magseis Fairfield

    Magseis Fairfield

    Magseis Fairfield is a provider of ocean seismic systems and services headquartered in Oslo, Norway. The combined functioning of Marine Autonomous Seismic System (MASS), range of Fairfield Z-nodes and automated handling systems ensures that data acquisition is highly cost-efficient. With more than 40 years of experience, Magseis Fairfield streamlines seismic data acquisition with innovative techniques and modular solutions. WGP, the company’s geophysical services supplies and operates portable marine seismic sources along with the QC systems required to ensure best in class performance

  • MetOcean Telematics

    MetOcean Telematics

    MetOcean Telematics provides complete end-to-end telematics services, with a focus on niche MetOcean solutions and custom Defence & Security products From Unmanned Surface Vehicles to Autonomous Underwater Vehicles or Buoys and Profilers, the company's team understands the challenges clients face when integrating and deploying their device. Additionally, the company develops and manufactures state-of-the-art data acquisition and telemetry systems. MetOcean Telematics​ has been a world leader in integrated systems used for real-time environmental monitoring, with specialization in the production of air-deployed and ship-deployed drifting buoys, search and rescue buoys, oil spill tracking buoys, ice platforms and acoustic systems, and defense and security systems

  • Nabors


    Nabors Industries owns and operates one of the world’s largest land-based drilling rig fleet and is a provider of offshore drilling rigs in the United States and multiple international markets. Nabors also provides directional drilling services, performance tools and innovative technologies for its own rig fleet and those of third parties. Leveraging our advanced drilling automation capabilities, Nabors’ highly skilled workforce continues to set new standards for operational excellence and transform the industry. Through its various subsidiaries, Nabors manufactures and sells top drives, catwalks, wrenches, drawworks and other drilling related equipment which are installed on both onshore and offshore drilling rigs

  • Oil States Industries

    Oil States Industries

    Oil States is headquartered in Arlington, Texas, USA, and provides a broad industry and global presence with locations in 12 countries and more than 2,500 employees worldwide. With leading-edge technologies and unsurpassed technical expertise, Oil States delivers reliable, cost-effective solutions to drilling & workover, production, lifting, and mooring challenges. Oil States also serves customers in the onshore, marine, and industrial markets. Oil States Industries has been in business for over 70 years starting as a supplier of specialty rubber components in the Texas oilfields. Since that time the company has grown into a leader in the Oil & Gas Industry through new technology development, acquisitions, and international expansion. The company has since developed revolutionary solutions for challenging offshore applications including deepwater and fixed platform products and for repairing, maintaining and constructing subsea pipelines

  • Sierra Hamilton

    Sierra Hamilton

    Sierra Hamilton is one of the largest providers of outsourced engineering, onsite supervision services, and workforce solutions to the oil and gas industry. The exceptional talent and experience of the comapny's team is what drives so many companies to rely on Sierra Hamilton. Their well-established base of independent consultants is ready to manage critical aspects of customers’ most challenging projects. In the last five years, Siearra Hamilton have provided consultants for more than 15,000 drilling and completion jobs and more than 3,000 hydraulic fracturing jobs. The company works with most of the large multinational oil & gas corporations and independent E&P firms and specialize in helping them reduce their fixed operating costs. They do this by leveraging more than 1,000 of the most highly skilled and experienced independent consultants in the industry



    The company specializes in technically demanding sectors of the global offshore drilling business with a particular focus on deepwater and harsh environment drilling services, and believes that it operates one of the most versatile offshore drilling fleets in the world. Transocean owns or has partial ownership interests in, and operates a fleet of 49 mobile offshore drilling units consisting of 31 ultra-deepwater floaters, 14 harsh environment floaters, and four midwater floaters. In addition, Transocean is constructing four ultra-deepwater drillships; and one harsh environment semisubmersible in which the company has a one-third interest