Futureon : Exclusive Digitalization For The Oil & Gas Sector

Futureon : Exclusive Digitalization For The Oil & Gas Sector

Paal Roppen, FutureonPaal Roppen
It is an exciting time to be part of the offshore technology spectrum as oil and gas companies are looking to invest in digital solutions that can aid them with insights on the methods to spend wisely on Greenfield and Brownfield projects. With current sanctioned Greenfield projects amounting to only 40 percent of total oil and gas volumes of offshore ventures, and Brownfield having only just begun the future seems bright. A grave cause for concern, however, is the proper utilization of offshore oil fields worldwide for drilling activities. Thus, number of Oil & Gas field operators have refrained from funding Pre-FEED (Preliminary Front End Engineering and Design) recently and the expectation from engineering companies are sky high. The inability to deliver broad concepts and images to field operators often results in engineering firms losing crucial bids. The insecurity has prompted many organizations to collaborate with an ideal offshore technology solution provider to address future needs.

Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, FutureOn has garnered the reputation of being a reliable technology partner in the offshore domain for oil and gas companies due to its expertise in delivering state of the art visual engineering solutions. FutureOn’s field development and data visualization application, FieldAP — a FieldTwin platform application — has quickly established itself as a reliable and useful tool to enable collaboration, data integration, and rapid workflow visualization. FutureOn firmly believes that the most valuable knowledge source of any organization is its assets since they embody knowledge of years of engineering commitment, costing, and configuration data. The unique solution enables subsea enterprises to digitize their assets, visualize their fields, and collaborate with teams globally.

The advantage of adopting FutureOn’s unique platform is a drastic reduction in 3D field layout design costs by finding an optimal solution and shortening the project lead time.

FieldAP helps client transport vital enterprise assets to cloud infrastructure and assist users in visualizing them by offering 3D representations of the entire field layout. The accurate 3D and 2D field layouts which FieldAP can generate using field data from a Pre- FEED document and early concept fields surveys help engineers and managers make more informed and accurate decisions about their fields in less time. FieldAP facilitates seamless collaboration and knowledge sharing among employees across the board, reduced time to market, substantial cost saving, improved quality of communication and operability as well as strengthened risk management.

FieldAP is an application which sits inside of the larger FieldTwin cloud-based platform enabling the digital twin of the subsea field across the life of a field. FutureOn also empowers subsea enterprises with FieldTwin, the other noteworthy cloud-based solution from the firm’s suite. FieldTwin enables organizations to harness the power of underutilized data across companies’ historically siloed data stores. The Platform suctions as a central hub for all project data while employing IoT sensor data for real-time monitoring of equipment, vessel locations, and stores timely updates of various tasks assigned to engineers.

FieldTwin has helped many Pre- FEED firms deliver field layouts and early-stage installation schedules in a matter of a few weeks as compared to the traditional timeframe of a few months. By utilizing the cloud for planning fields and managing installation timelines, FieldTwin keeps data secure and lowers risk.

To elevate the capabilities of its clients and to drive seamless digitalization, FutureOn has collaborated with several engineering and technology partners to bring their applications and capabilities into FieldTwin. In recognition of its contribution to the Oil & Gas sector, FutureOn was recently honored with the Spotlight on New Technology Award at the Offshore Technology Conference, which is widely considered to be the highest recognition of emerging/new technologies for offshore.

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