Assured Flow Solutions (Afs) : Industry + Academia: Driving Efficiency And...

Assured Flow Solutions (Afs) : Industry + Academia: Driving Efficiency And Sustainability In Energy

Tommy Golczynski, Assured Flow Solutions (Afs)Tommy Golczynski
Oil and gas commodities are at historically low prices, and energy companies are looking to tackle growing projects with shrinking workforces and resources. Efficiency and informed technology adoption continue to be key differentiators for successful energy enterprises.

Assured Flow Solutions (AFS) takes a holistic approach to smarter decision making and technology. With a combination of a first-class laboratory facility, an innovative technology group, and an experienced engineering division, AFS is uniquely positioned to bring a well-rounded perspective to bear on its clients’ most challenging hurdles. Theory, empiricism, data, and a wealth of experience are the keys to providing exceptional value to AFS’ clients.

“For nearly a decade, AFS has been working alongside the world’s leading energy companies. We’ve helped them efficiently extract and manage the flow of oil and gas. We’ve helped minimize environmental impact, maximize revenue, and prioritize safety with laboratory, engineering, and technology services,” says Tommy Golczynski, CEO of AFS.

The AFS laboratory division extends their clients’ capabilities with state-of-the-art facilities and a team of Ph.D. scientists. Typical analyses, such as flow assurance and system integrity testing, chemical assessment, crude oil analysis, materials testing, and water analysis are offered. Further, the independent laboratory offers insightful and innovative testing where outside-the-box thinking is warranted. “We offer a full spectrum of standard tests and analyses to support every stage of production. AFS is also able to tailor testing to your unique situation and operating conditions, providing more accurate, relevant, and replicable results,” points out Golczynski.

The company’s technology division leverages a unique and powerful mathematics-driven modeling approach to process simulation and optimization – a method they call “Math on Models.” Instead of using brute force approaches such as parametric grid studies coupled with heavyweight simulation, AFS applies first principles and optimization algorithms to provide insightsin an extremely efficient manner.

We offer field-proven and literature-backed solutions to address client needs with the use of laboratory testing, technology, and engineering

Whether the challenge is determining appropriate pipeline sizes for any potential operating condition, understanding system transient behavior, mitigating production chemistry risks, or providing operating guidelines to improve efficiency, AFS technology can be used to predict and understand the most complex phenomena.

Using its unique “Math on Models”approach as a foundation, AFS develops and deploys software applications using modern approaches and frameworks. Advanced tools can be deployed in the form of desktop or web-based software. Further, AFS models can seamlessly communicate with live data from the field or control room, giving operators and engineers immediate feedback and alerts during operation. Flow assurance risks, pipeline integrity failures, operating procedure compliance, and well allocation can all be monitored in real-time real-time from the control room using the AFS suite of applications.

Outside of math-driven modeling, AFS also leverages data-driven approaches to reduce costs and improve operating strategies. Using the latest data analytics and visualization technology, AFS can identify trends and data anomalies to glean operational insights.

“From a big picture perspective, AFS provides the appropriate assistance that an organization needs; this could be in the form of recommendations or software solutions on how to improve their operations,” summarizes Golczynski.The emphasis is that AFS does not provide generalized solutions for clients; rather, AFS provides tailored, optimal solutions that are crafted using the unique combination of its world-class laboratory, technology, and engineering divisions.

AFS operates in North America and Europe, with an ever-increasing global footprint that saw 30% growth in 2019. According to Golczynski, at the heart of AFS’s success is its highly qualified team of scientists and engineers. By focusing on attracting the best industry and academic talent, the company continues to grow and diversify its offerings year-over-year.

“The energy industry has been challenged for many years and will continue to be challenged, but I am very optimistic that we can continue to help the industry succeed,” concludes Golczynski.

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Assured Flow Solutions (Afs)


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AFS is a multinational science and engineering company offering a custom mix of laboratory, engineering, and technology service